Access low cost, reliable, fulfillment and 3PL services.

Access low cost, reliable, fulfillment and 3PL services. Pietra Creators get access to the best rates for common eCommerce services like: kitting, order fulfillment, worldwide shipping, storage, and photography.

$1 order fulfillment & 2-day shipping

$1 kitting & assembly

$29 eCommerce photography

$2/mo storage

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Streamline your eComm without hiring. Pietra gives you the tools to manage suppliers, logistics, co-packing, and gives you ultra low cost order fulfillment rates. Sign Up For Pietra ⟶
Manage Suppliers
One place to manage suppliers and find new ones. Put all your supplier communciations and payments in one place. Use Pietra to streamline invoicing and track shipments.
Order Fulfillment & Co-Packing
$1 order fulfillment and 2-day shipping for your brand. Send inventory to a Pietra fulfillment center and we'll co-pack, store, photography, and fulfill orders for your website.
Sales Channels
Add additional sales channels to effortlessly grow. Grow your brand by cross listing your products on Instagram Shopping, Verishop, Google Shopping, and more.
Pietra is designed for fast growing Creator businesses who are looking to manage everything in one place.
Pietra makes working with manufacturers easier. We'll train your existing supplier to make your communication and operations easier. If you're in need of a new supplier, youll have access to pre-vetted manufacturers to work with. Get Started ⟶
Co-packing and assembly, made easy. Order from your supplier and set up a call with a Pietra specialist who will assemble your and send you the final product. Get Started ⟶
Global fulfillment, made easy. Our fulfillment center will allow you to sell your products to a global audience at one flat rate. Get Started ⟶
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